Long weekend chills

This weekend is quite a long one, Friday was a public holiday and tomorrow (Monday) is another public holiday.  I must say it’s quite nice to relax a bit, however I may work tomorrow to catch up on some projects.

I hope we know why we have these public holidays and what the significance of these days are…  We are celebrating Easter and although it became a more commercial thing than what it is supposed to be we should take time and think what Jesus Christ did for us.  If it wasn’t for Him we would have been lost, but because He died for us and rose again on the 3rd day we can now have life and we can have it in abundance.  So come let’s live this life as it was intended.  I have to say there’s an atmosphere of peace hanging around – it’s quiet in the streets and it’s so peaceful. Maybe I’m the only one experiencing it but I hope others do also.

On another note, I release YouTube videos every Monday so I’ve almost skipped tomorrow, but luckily I came to my senses haha.  It was one of those on the spur of the moment videos – hopefully it will be something to watch.  If you are reading this before tomorrow you may be one of the first people to watch it as here is the direct link:


If you’ve watched this video you will see that I basically review an app I came across called “Face Swap Live”.  I have to say I quite enjoy the app and I’m just thinking on the technology in that app as it has to recognize a face, so I’m sure there is some sort of facial recognition within that app. Unfortunately no one was near when I did the video thus I couldn’t try out swapping out faces with another person – but I will try that out soon.

May you have an awesome weekend further!
Be blessed & PEACE!


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