Taking a break from YouTube


Hi there

It’s a year now that I’ve been making YouTube videos and I’ve learnt a lot throughout this year.  One thing that I’ve learnt is that it takes a lot of time to prepare a video, from capturing the footage to editing to the final video you are viewing.  When I do something I want to put all I have into it so that it could be a success.  The last few months I’ve battled to keep up with my weekly schedule of releasing a video and therefore I’ve made the decision to take a break from YouTube for a while – only until I’ve managed to release more time for it.

I’m in between a few development projects and it keeps me busy the whole time – I guess I didn’t manage my time correctly and now I have to work extra hours just to keep it above the water.  Once I’ve managed to get my schedule clear I will be posting videos again.  I will also be taking this time to decide where I want to go with the channel as at the moment it is very random – so watch this space.

Thank you for all those that have watched my videos up to now – I do appreciate it.


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