Remembering my father

Today, 20 years ago, my father was suddenly taken from our lifes. Only a few hours before his death I was still with him not knowing what is laying ahead.  Life as I knew it changed on that day.  You have many questions and no answers. I remember we as a family wasn’t sure how to continue life without having him in it, however I can say today we survived and made it, although you do not have all the “why” answers.


My father taught me many things and added value to my life, which I still benefit from today.  You will always have memories and when you think about those memories you are taken back in time and experience them again. To trigger some of those memories you have photos:

Unfortunately digital cameras were not available yet at that time and we also didn’t take that much photos using your normal cameras. Actually the last photo I have is two years prior which we’ve captured from a video tape.

Why am I sharing this?  I want to tell anybody that has lost someone close to you that you will make it – just give it time.  Keep the memories, the photos and live your life as intended.  Nothing can bring them back.  Although I may have lost my father I was blessed with a dad that accepted me as his own, so although I lost someone I gained someone else.  You may not spend time anymore with the one you’ve lost but you may spend time with those that are still there.  Do not waste precious time and live your life with those still in it.

PS: I did something today what I never do or did over the last 20 years and that was visiting my father’s grave:

What I said 20 years ago I can still say today – he is not there…

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