Social Media vs Living Life

I almost forgot that I have a blog.  Luckily I’ve remembered my login details haha.

Something I ask a lot to myself is what is life…why do I question life?  I am not sure maybe because I do not have the perfect life that you see other people have on social media or even the life I portray on my social media.  Social media can be deceiving, taking photos at the right angles, applying the perfect filter  and posting it at just the right time to get many likes.  Checking in at places giving the idea that you are living the “high life” and in the mean time you just pass by.

Social media has made us gullible to many things and it “sells” an idea of what life should be and we miss it by far. We have the most awesome people in our lives, who are actually around us who accepts us without any special filter, but we miss it and seek things in a virtual world.  I’ve met a lot of people the last few weeks/months in the hope to make real friends and I’ve realised that people do not know anymore how to be around “physical” people.  They hide behind a device and can then fool anybody of who they really are.

Why do we seek “likes” from people (some of them you do not even know) and get depressed when we do not get those likes?  When have we become so shallow?

People will rather be with random people every night rather than having one person in their life to share life with.  There is no constant in that making you feel lonely at the end of the day.  With social media this is also a concern as that one person could “play” many people to make them feel wanted, keeping them just close enough to get the attention they want and when they want it.

I actually posted a lot of quotes about “effort” yesterday on my facebook page and in short nobody bothers anymore putting in the effort, whether a friendship or relationship.  I’ve realised that any relationship must be seen as an investment, you put in your time – your life – and at the end of the day you do not want to waste that life on somebody that wasn’t willing to do the same.  It will be like an investor throwing money down the drain.

I am single and let me tell you the dating scene has become something scary. These days you are loading yourself on a catalog with the best photos possible just in the hope that somebody will browse through the catalog and be interested in what they see.  Not to mention that you have to write something about yourself, and if you suck at writing this may be your downfall. You have to sell yourself just on photos and what you say about yourself.  Once you’ve passed this stage then it becomes interesting…you have to be able to keep a chat going…  Now these chats could go on for days even weeks.  When it is finally time to meet face-to-face you may be in for a surprise as what you saw in the catalog is not what you’ve expected…oops…there goes weeks of chatting…time wasted.

This bring me to my question?  What is life?  What I can tell you is that life isn’t what you see on social media…


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