About Me

Writing about yourself was always a “not so easy” task for me.  I don’t actually like to talk about myself but I guess it is necessary if you want your own website haha…

So where do I begin?

I’m actually an introvert and only people that are near me will know the real me, meaning I will actually be part of the conversation!  If I do not know people around me I will most likely just be standing around listening to the conversation but not really be part of it.  Why? Well I have no idea, but in such a case the conversation in my head is pretty awesome haha.  Don’t really know where I’m going with this but I guess it will all come together at the end of this.  With this being said I always had and still have this urge in me to become somewhat famous one way or another.

I’ve always wanted to play around with a camera whether it is in front of it or behind it.  I remember my first video camera worked with a video tape.  I actually paid the video camera from my allowance each month – I convinced my mom to buy it for me and then in turn I will pay her back each month.  Now if you are from South Africa you will know that we are a bit behind when it comes to technology – don’t ask me why but that’s just the way it is. (I think this is changing and we have access to technology when it comes out these days)

I didn’t have an editing program to edit my most valued captured footage.  The way I edited was by playing from the video camera into a VHS video machine and then play, pause & stop to get the right footage at the right place.  To create titles I would either print it out or directly record it from a computer screen and then again play & pause into a VCR to get it into my final production.  Did I mention that me and my sister one weekend produced our own little show?  Yes I was a presenter of a show called “The Ed’s Show” (how original)  and I interviewed her as she was an ‘author’ of a book.  The camera was connected to the TV so that we could see ourselves while we recorded and we did a few takes until we were happy with the final take (no editing was done with the ‘show’).  I made a little advert about dog food to throw it in-between “The Ed’s Show”, news and the weather…yeah we had it all in there haha.

Today I have a degree in Computer Systems Engineering – nothing to do with the entertainment industry – and in real live I’m actually a developer – in short I develop web-based programs and apps.  I love what I’m doing and it pays the bills at the end of the day.  Not forgetting that I also like being creative with the camera I started my YouTube channel late 2015 and although I do not have millions of subscribers and views. I did take a break from YouTube for now but will be back with new videos in the future.  If one person watch my videos and enjoys it, I’m happy but I do aim for more subscribers and views and will get there someday.

If you are one of my subscribers or viewers I would like to thank you for taking the time in watching my videos. Hopefully you enjoy it and even get something from it.

I’m not sure what the future holds and where it will end up, but I’m steering it into the direction I always longed for.

That’s all I want to say about myself for now.

Be blessed & PEACE!