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Unpacking the Apple Watch Sport

I am fortunate enough to have Discovery Medical Aid.  If there’s one thing you can say about Discovery is that they are always thinking out of the box.  To get their members more active they give you an Apple Watch Sport to motivate you to do exercise.  Of course their are some terms and conditions attached as always.

So how does it work? You pay an activation fee of R350.00 on your Discovery Credit Card (yeah they even have their own credit card).  You will in turn recieve a proof of payment you take to any Apple iStore and they will give you an Apple Watch Sport 38mm.  Jip just like that for R350.00 you have a brand spanking new Apple Watch Sport 38mm.  Now for the terms and conditions… you have to get active and reach goals set by Discovery each month.  Every week you have a new goal and these goals are customized to each individual.  Reach all your goals and you may enjoy your Apple Watch, however if you miss a goal you are penalized and a portion needs to be paid back on the watch.  Basically to make it easy to understand you buy the R6500,00 watch on your credit card over a invisible budget period.  Miss a goal and you need to pay part of that budget installment and if you miss all 4x goals in a month you obviously need to pay the full budget payment.  Reach all your goals within this 24 months and you would have only paid R350.00 for the watch.

Now the big question?  Will you be able to reach these goals?  Well from my experience it is definitely easy to reach these goals and you will for sure become more active.

Watch this video to see what you get in the box: