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“Just Woke Up” Selfie

Helloooo everyone

You all are on social media and you see all these selfies of people and it looks like that they were attacked by a stylist just before they took the photo.  I mean really, who really looks like that when they just wake up.  Especially with woman, their make-up and hair are perfect in the photo they  “just woke up” to.

So I tried taking the perfect “Just Woke Up” selfie and yeah then realized I can’t post it – so I made a step-by-step guide on how to prepare yourself for such a selfie.

You may watch the video by clicking on the photo…

Be blessed & PEACE!


Biltong & Ice-Cream?!

I’m a type of person which likes to try out different things.  Hey life is suppose to be interesting and sometimes you just have to do some things to make it even more interesting.  One of the things I love is Ice-Cream in any form and flavour.  Now if we would go out the chances are 99% that I will order a milkshake to drink.  That is just me.

I once at home made different flavour of milkshake including Pumpkin milkshake and then a little bit more extreme, Meat Sauce milkshake.  Yes you may pull your face now because it doesn’t make any sense, but who said it should make sense?  Ah just get rid of that thrown on your face!  All I can say it was something different and it actually did taste nice, why wouldn’t it – it’s Ice-Cream!

Moving on I came across a recipe of how to make your own ice-cream.  It is actually very easy and I first tried cookie dough ice-cream which is tasty as you probably know.  I also tried tropical fruit, yogurt and for the people drinking, whiskey.  All of these flavours were very nice.  I then one day decided to try out Biltong.  Now for those not familiar with biltong, it is meat that are hanged to dry.

Watch this video to see how you make ice-cream and if you are not scared of trying new things you may add the biltong: