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Taking some time off

Hey you, live life!

Usually I will work whether it’s a public holiday or not.  Today was a public holiday here in South Africa and my plans were to do some work but somewhere my plans changed.  I just felt I need to get some rest from ‘normal work’ and do something totally different.

I got out of bed this morning and took my time to get to gym.  Why should I be in a hurry on a public holiday, right?  When I came back I took a shower and had breakfast. I then realized I still have to do washing and my softener was finished. I got into the car and went and bought softener.  Now usually when I go to the supermarket I get what I need and get out, this morning however I went for a stroll through the  supermarket.  There wasn’t something in particular I wanted to check out and just walked through the electronics department just to see is there anything I may want to get in future haha.  I even made a turn at the bicycles, oh and then I saw these toys from Star Wars and I was like: “mmm maybe I should watch Star Wars then I can get some of these toys”, because it looks pretty cool.

No I didn’t watch Star Wars since then.  I came back home after my stroll and put my washing in the washing machine.  After a few hours of playing around on the laptop I realized I still have to hang my washing out to dry. Oh now talking about it I must probably go and fetch it from outside.

So what did I do today?  I actually updated this website as I do not spend time with my own sites but today was an exception.  This brings me to the fact, because I haven’t spend time doing anything else, I didn’t iron, but luckily I have clothes for the rest of the week.

I have to admit I’m feeling good tonight although I haven’t sticked to my schedule as planned.  Maybe you just have to take some time and relax once in a while.  I bet tomorrow when I go to my office I will be ready to work with more energy than what I would have had if I did not take the time off.

What am I trying to say?  Don’t get into a working gear and forget to take a breather… (Note to self)